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Whitehorse Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant Whitehorse

Experience Friendly Service and Great Food!

Japanese Restaurant Whitehorse

Sushi Bar

Tempura Salmon

(867) 668-2828 | 309 JARVIS ST | OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

Over 25 years of experience. Come and visit us at 309 Jarvis Street, downtown Whitehorse, Yukon.

Our specialties include a wide selection of appetizers such as Ohitashi, Kroke, Harumaki, Gyoza and Ika Natto. Enjoy some of our other features such as Danbury, Tempura, freshly made Sushi, Combination Platters, Party Trays, Sashimi, Nigiri Sushi and Lunch Boxes.

Our chefs are trained in Japan and have over 25 years of experience. Take-out and delivery are available.

Experience our authentic Japanese atmosphere, sushi bar and private dining area.

We are available for group bookings and specials events. Just contact us with the details and we will make it happen.

Restaurant Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 11am – 3pm for lunch, 4:30pm – 10pm for dinner
  • Saturday: 12pm – 3pm, 4:30pm – 10pm for dinner
  • Sunday: 4pm – 10pm for dinner


Edamame (boiled soybeans) $6.95
Goma-ae (Spinach with peanut dressing) $8.95
Ohitashi (Spinach with light sauce) $7.95
Age-Dashi Tofu $8.95
Spicy Age-Dashi Tofy $9.5
Koroke (Croquette) $7.95
Harumaki (Deep Fried Spring Roll) $8.95
Ika Karaage (Deep Fried Squid) $11.95
Chicken Karate (Deep Fried Boneless chicken with soy ginger sauce) $14.95
Gyoza (Dumpling) $9.95
Veggie Gyoza (Vegetable Dumpling) $9.95
Mauro Ae (Tuna w/Special Dressing) $12.95
Soft Shell Crab (Deep Fried with Ponzu sauce) $15.95
Beef Tataki $16.95
Tuna Tataki $12.95
Deep Fried Chicken Wings $12.95

Greens & Salad

Wake Sunomono (seaweed) $5.95
Ebi Sunomono (shrimp) $7.50
Tako Sunomono (Octopus) $7.50
Hokkigai Sunomono (Clam) $7.50
Kani Sunomono (Real Crab) $12.95
Seasoning Seaweed Salad $7.50
House Green Salad (Green salad with house dressing) $7.50
Smoked Salmon Salad $12.95
Tuna Tataki Salad $14.95
Salmon Tempura Salad $14.95


Assorted Tempura $14.95
Prawn Tempura $18.95
Yam & Prawn Tempura $17.95
Vegetable Tempura $11.95
Yam Tempura $11.95
Sweet Potato Tempura $11.95
Pumpkin Tempura $11.45
Seafood Tempura $22.95

Sushi Roll or Cone

Brown rice available, add $2.

Rice Maki $2.95
Kappa Maki $3.95
Oshiko Maki $3.95
Umeshiso Maki $4.50
Kampyo Maki $3.95
Ajitsuke Menma Maki $3.95
Shiitake Maki $3.95
Natty Maki $4.95
Inari Roll $4.95
Avocado Roll $4.95
Tofu Maki $5.95
Salmon Or Tuna Roll $4.50
Negitoro Maki $5.95
Vegetable Roll $5.95
California Roll $5.95
Chopped Scallop Roll $7.50
Spicy salmon or Tuna Roll $7.50
B.C. Roll $6.95
Yam Roll $6.50
Sweet potato Roll $6.50
Pumpkin Roll $6.50
Dynamite Roll $8.95
Chicken Teriyaki Roll $8.95
Beef Teriyaki Roll $9.50
Auto Maki $7.95
House Roll $9.95
Unagi Roll $8.95
Unagi Tempura Roll $10.95
Salmon Tempura Roll $9.50
Salmon or Tuna Avocado $7.50

Special Roll

Mango Roll $7.95
Haru Maki $8.95
Saba Battera $18.95
Salmon Battera (Aguri Salmon Block Sushi( $19.95
Unagi Battera $22.95
Alaska Roll $12.95
Rainbow Roll $13.95
Caterpillar Roll $15.95
Smokey Philadelphia $12.95
Aburi Philadelphia $18.95
Volcano Roll $12.95
Crazy Roll $9.99
Spider Roll $15.95
Mango Paradise Roll $15.95
Green Dragon Roll $12.95


Salmon or Tuna Sashimi $18.95
Salmon & Tuna Sashimi $18.95
Spicy Salmon or Tuna Sashimi $12.95
Hokkigai $15.95
Toro (Tuna Belly) $22.95
Hamachi $20.95
Kanpachi $20.95
Tako (Octopus) $15.95
Tai (Snapper ) $14.95
Amoeba $23.95
Hotategai $23.95
Uni $25.95
Ika $15.95
Saba $15.95

Assorted Sashimi A $24.95
Assorted Sashimi B $33.95
Deluxe Assorted Sashimi $46.95

Nigiri Sushi

Tamago | Inari | Avocado | Shiitake $2.25
Salmon | Tuna | Ebi | Tako | Hokkigai | Masago Tobiko | Tai | Chopped Scallop | Saba $2.75
Ikura | Red Tuna Toro | Salmon Toro | Hamachi Hotategai | Amaebi | Uni | Unagi | Kanpachi $3.50


Zaru Udon $10.95
Tenzaru (Zaru soba or udon w/tempura) $15.95
Vegetable Udon or Soba $11.95
Wakame Udon or Soba $11.95
Tempura Udon or Soba $12.95
Chicken Udon or Soba $12.95
Beef Udon or Soba $15.95
Nabeyaki Udon (Hotpot noodle) $18.95
Seafood Udon or Soba $20.95
Curry Vegetable Udon or Soba $12.95
Curry Tempura Udon or Soba $13.95
Curry Beef Udon or Soba $16.95
Curry Chicken Udon or Soba $13.95
Vegetable Yaki Soba $12.95
Chicken Yaki Soba $15.95
Pork Yaki Soba $19.95
Beef Yaki Soba $19.95
Seafood Yaki Soba $20.95


Oyako Bon $14.95
Gyu Don $15.95
Katsu Don $14.95
Tendon $12.95
Chicken Teriyaki Don $15.95
Beef Teriyaki Don $17.95
Unagi Don $19.95
Vegetable Curry Don $12.95
Beef Curry Bon $15.95
Chicken Curry Don $13.95
Korokke Curry Don $12.95
Katsu Curry Don $13.95
Seafood Curry Don $19.95

A La Carte

Chicken Teriyaki $18.95
Beef Teriyaki $22.95
Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki $22.95
Tempura & Beef Teriyaki $25.95
Beef & Chicken Teriyaki $25.95
Vegetable Teriyaki $15.95
Tofy Teriyaki $15.95
Salmon Teriyaki $26.95
Deep Fried Oyster $20.95
Chicken Katsu $19.95
Tonkatsu (Deep fried breaded pork cutlet) $19.95
Fish Katsu (Wild Sole) $19.95
Scallop & Prawn $28.95

Sushi Combo

Vegetable Combo 1 $15.95
Veggie Roll, Spring Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 2 $15.95
Yam Roll, Tofu Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 3 $16.95
Kappa Maki, Oshinko Maki, Veggie Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 4 $18.95
Veggie Roll, Avocado Roll 1pc, Avocado 1pc, Asparagus 1pc, Inari 1pc, Shiitake 1pc

Roll Combo A $14.50
Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll

Roll Combo B $17.95
Beef Teriyaki Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, California Roll

Special Roll Combo $17.95
California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Dynamite Roll

Spicy Roll Combo $17.95
Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Dynamite Roll

Tuna Salmon Combo $18.95
4pc Tuna & 4pc Salmon

Saba & Toro $24.95
4pc Saba & 4pc Toro

California Combo $20.95
2pc Salmon, 2pc Tuna, 2pc Ebi & California Roll

Tekka Combo $22.50
Salmon, Tuna, Tako, Hokkigai, Saba, Ika, Tobiko & Tekka Maki

Deluxe Sushi Combo $29.95
Salmon, Hamachi, Toro, Saba, Unagi, Hokkigai, Amaebi, Ikura & California

Asahi Sashimi Sushi Combo $39.95
Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, Rainbow Roll, Salmon, Toro, Hamachi, Amaebi Hotategai, Ika, Ikura

Aburi Sushi Combo $29.95
Hotategai, Ika, Salmon, Ebi, Toro, Beef & Aburi Philadelphia Roll

Assorted Sushi for Two $48.95
2pc Tuna, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Chopped Scallop, 2pc Unagi, 2pc Tako, 2pc Prawn, 2pc Tai & California Dynamite Roll

Deluxe Assorted Sashimi & Sushi for Two $88.95
Hamachi & Salmon Sashimi, Awesome Roll, Mango Paradise Roll, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Toro, 2pc Hamachi, 2pc Amaebi, 2pc Hotategai, 2pc Unagi, 2pc Ikura

Party Tray

Party Tray A: Veggie Tray $26.95
Yam Roll, Kappa Roll, Pumpkin Roll, Inari Roll, Avocado Roll, Veggie Roll

Party Tray B $29.95
Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Kappa Roll, California Roll, Dynamite Roll, B.C. Roll

Party Tray C $32.95
Spicy California Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Dynamite Roll, Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll

Party Tray D $68.95
House Roll, Rainbow Roll, Alaska Roll, Smokey Philadelphia Roll, Volcano Roll, Spider Roll

Party Tray E $59.95
Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, California Roll, House Roll, 4pc Salmon, 4pc Tuna, 4pc Tamago, 4pc Ebi

Party Tray

Box A $13.95
Veggie Roll, Veggie Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura & Salad

Box B $13.95
Tofu Roll, Tofu Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura & Salad

Box C $15.95
California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Salad

Gyoza Box $14.95
California Roll, Gyoza, Deep Fried Gyoza & Salad

Salmon Teriyaki Box $19.95
Beef Roll, Beef Teriyaki, Tempura & Salad

Fruit Box $15.45
Mango Roll, Fruit Tempura & Salad

Dynamite Box $18.95
Dynamite Roll, Prawn Tempura, Ebi Sushi & Salad

Unagi Box $22.95

Sashimi & Sushi Box $35.95


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